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Water Damage Pros

The Hazards Associated with Water Damage


In the event that a building is exposed to floods, it is highly possible for it to become hazardous due to water damage that brings not only health but also structural risks if left unaddressed. Below are health and structural hazards associated with water damage.


Health Related Hazards


Dampness and humidity can lead to a growth of mold and mildew. Moisture is what makes mold and mildew to grow. If they are left untreated, they result in toxic reactions and diseases such as immune disorders, cancer, and pathogenic diseases. Furthermore, it can lead to adverse allergic reactions including painful headaches as well as disorientation. Other health problems include diarrhea, chronic asthma, nausea, dizziness, rashes, chronic fatigue, and open sores. These ailments come with added financial expenses since people will be compelled to visit hospitals for medical attention.


Flood waters are more dangerous to human health which is why you need water removal ponte verdra services. Water that comes as a result of flood waters are likely to be contaminated probably by sewage and waste. Contaminated water is the perfect breeding ground for diseases carrying insects that lead to human ailments.


Structural Related Hazards


Stagnant, contaminated and saturated water can also lead to many structural water damage neptune beach. There are many ways a structure can endure water damage. Among the damages include:


Wallboards disintegration


The tilting and twisting of support columns of large buildings that are waterlogged


The swelling, warping and rotting of wood use in construction


Collapse of stairs, roofs, floors and ceilings


The electrical systems will start to malfunction leading to shock and even fire


Gas leaks will cause gas poisoning and fire


The interior parts of a building might also experience damages such as:


Valuables will be covered in mud, dirt, and grit


Wall paints will start to peel off


Floor tiles will begin to peel off


Paneling will start to warp


Carpets will be stained and probably begin rotting


Textiles and furnishing will either stain or rot


Paintings, paper works, books, and photos will be ruined


From a wider point of view, water damage makes property value to decrease to such an extent that some might never get back into use again. This means the owners of property that have been damaged will have to look for ways of rebuilding their structures or probably making repairs if they can still be used.


In a nutshell, water damage has a lot of adverse effects on human life. Be they health or structural hazards, both come with financial losses that the people involved are forced to incur. Watch a video about natural disasters here at